Together we grow

This is a public-private partnership that since 2014 have been working with the purpose to position Antuco’s growing touristic offer. Our objective is that visitors have a unique experience by enjoying all the wonderful natural resources that Antuco possess, together with a differentiating high-quality gastronomical, lodging and outdoor proposal, among others. Once we reach our objective we will be satisfied with our work.


Our vision is to position Antuco as the one and only mountain center of the Biobío Region. Businesspeople dedicated to tourism with special focus on the municipality interests have joined together in a public–private multi-sectoral board with the objective of developing the products and services offered by the city, potentiating a clear and distinguishable local identity.


Through an offer of high standard services, our mission is to make of Antuco the favorite vacation spot for visitors and tourists who are looking for simplicity and nature.